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Community Impact Week

A way for us all to support local businesses and causes we care about.
A way to give back and build a stronger, more vibrant, local community.

Community Impact Week

Choose a Week for Your Community

You select the week that works best for your community and we support you in all the steps necessary for you to have a successful week of giving back and supporting local businesses, schools, and nonprofits in your community.

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Community Impact Week

Bring Community Leaders Together

Bringing community leaders together from all parts of your community (such as business leaders, teachers or PTA/PTO leadership, nonprofit leaders or volunteers, and even local government) can create a more successful Community Impact Week for your community.

local businesses

Benefit from Cause & Community Based Marketing

Community Impact Week brings you new customers that are passionate about supporting causes they care about while being introduced to local businesses that care about the community.

  • Get new customers and positive press
  • Giveback and support the community
supporting teachers, kids, & classrooms

Help a Teacher Out

We think it is a crime that the average teacher is pulling between $500 and $1,000 (plus) out of their personal pay to provide classroom supplies for our kids.  Community Impact Week is a great way for parents to support our kids and classrooms!

local nonprofits

Raise Funds While Supporting Local Businesses

Share links to Community Impact Week with your supporters, volunteers, and community at large via email and social media.  Grow awareness for your nonprofit and let the community support your nonprofit while making local purchases.

  • Get new donors, volunteers, and exposure
  • Create a reciprocal relationship with local businesses
Buy local to support your favorite causes

Voting With Your Dollars

Community Impact Week is for people who want to come together as a community to turn their purchasing power into savings for their family and turn their everyday purchases into social impact for the causes they care about.


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